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Weird noise when shifting!

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Originaly put this "Transmission & Drive Train", didn't get many (Zero to be exact :dontknow: " responses. So....

I have a 2006 Type S, with about 27k miles on it (a lot of highway miles). Just recently with gears 1-3, sometimes just 1-2; when i press the clutch in to shift i hear this sputter noise, almost like the sound a pigeon makes. ( I know weird ).

What can it be? has anyone else had this problem? I still have 20k left on my warranty so i'm thinking about bringing it in and letting Acura look at it. we do have a 50k mile transmission warranty right? and they can't blame my CAI for anything with that whopping 5hp increase
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I like your car...

I'd take it to Acura and let them figure it out :thumbsup:
take all your modifications off then bring it to acura. i'd say it's your clutch master cylinder..been a common problem. it went out on my car.
i have the same milage. not sure exactly with the sound bout i get a whizzing and worrling noise at low gears from the tranny and timing chain.

but fyi, our cars are just loud period even being stock
Take off the CAI...and go to dealer...
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