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I see what you did there
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Naban345 said:
First off, this guy is way chill. He talked to me for a long ass time about the concerns i had with the kit and talked to me about certain things i should get in order to be a daily driver. I got some answers about CARB and stuff too.

Carb will be done by June he thinks.

The exhaust kit that they are going ot put out that goes with this kit will also be out then too.

For those that are asking about passing smog, Kenji said it shouldnt be a problem.

Engine life... he said as long as you are cruising and want power every once and awhile the engine will last just about as long as an N/A one. (@9 psi which he said it max for this kit with stock internals and what not)

He said more but i cant remember

JUNE? he said april-may... wtf.
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