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same setup nothing has change (just intake and bald tires)

r/t--.387 <--oops
60'--2.311 <--shitty
1/8 mph--75.75mph
1/4 mph--93.51

people kept walking up to me saying I have some internal stuff done and they looked at the engine and they saw that the nuts and screws on the engine are not bruised meaning were never touch by a tool before. And also they saw that I did not take anything out of my car. My friend's friend has a silver type S with hondata 3 or something because its the one that does not change the revlimit and intake and something else. He walked up to my friend and was happy of his 14.7 and he points at my car shaking his head in disbelief saying...he did a 14.6 and just has a fucking intake. My friend knows gsr's in and out and could tell you if something was done to it and his friend with the type S knew he knows alot about gsr's and when he told him that I did a 14.6 they were!?! was awsome:laughing:
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