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what happens when an army truck and a rsx make love? *pics*

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she gets ripped a new hole

happened by my campus, i was turnin into a parkin lot and i just hear errrrr and a hard bump
looked back and see the shreck of cars
2 army guys said i cut them off right before the turn and they couldnt stop in time which is b.s. .. i was givin the fault ... im so pissed

if you maximize u can see the 2 towing hooks under on the sides of the grill, look at the driver side one and u can see my paint, thats how big the thing was

gotta get a new hatch, passanger tail light, passanger rear panel.

oh and those are my deadened doors. just did em this weekend


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damn that all bad....
I want that army truck.
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yep i was really lucky, but wtf .... its so messup it, i gotta pay to get it fixed
man thats fucked up...
damn thats a big truck, sucks bro
At least it didn't happen to a Type S :yawn:
I LOVE CLUBRSX, any unbelievable would happen!!

hey hope your car will back normal
damn that sucks. police would probably believe them since they are in the army.
thats weeeaaaakkkk
Lame! Good thing that beast barely hit you.Coulda been a mess!
At least it didn't happen to a Type S :yawn:
..............thats really ignorant of you to say. Stupid noob an youre sig is going to get you alot of trouble.
Really bad spot for damage too.... ugh...
LOL @ guy selling cheap T-shirts out of the back of a shitty mustang
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