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MmmotorNutz said:
but those things can be controlled...

the power came from these parts

JTsmith: Thanks man :bow:

post a graph of your itr dyno against your CAI hondata 4 and dc header dyno. you made 204whp i believe with stock exhaust and the #4 dc set up and now u make 10whp more than that with a full exhaust now and cams itr and reflash. hmmm i think the itr set up is making more power earlier than your first set up but in terms of peak power seems the itr cams might have added 5-7whp accross parts of the top end of the powerband at the very most. it would be interesting to see what your graph would look like with a full exhaust to the #4 set up and then tune it. its starting to make sense that the type r cams are not worth the money. it would be interesting to see someone load the itr set up with stock cams and itr manifold with a full exhaust and look at the power curves.
1 - 1 of 93 Posts
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