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What kind of lug nuts

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I have my friend stock evo rims on my RSX right now, but was told i need different lug nuts. Someone told me 12mm 1.5 cone seat lugs will work. I have my friend stock lugs that was with the rims he gave me. I guess my question is is that the right lugs I need 12m 1.5 cone seat and where would i be able to get them. When looking online I only see that have couple but nothing named cone seat lugs. Thanks for the help in advance.
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post pictures
cone seat=tuner lugs. anything aftermarket.
Well i went to this place that sells rim and they told me about that with the cone seats lugs. I don't have a picture right now. what do you mean by tuner lugs? is it 12 mm 1.5 that i need?
yes you need 12x1.5, and a tuner lug is any lug that is made for aftermarket wheels. most tuner lugs are cone seated.
Thanks for the information. Would i be able to go to a part store and buy some cheap ones? I'm looking for something not expensive and easy to get. When i went to a place they had all different seats but cone seat lugs.
gorilla makes some cone seated lugs that are fairly cheap
ok i went on thier site and saw different ones. They Acorn , acorn bulge, mag. Which one is the cone seat ones?
im acutally researching the same thing and from what i understand, mistubishis have a flat suraface, not tapered or rounded.
anyone have any idea which ones?
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