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Sorry I think I posted in the wrong thread so here it goes again!

Hello everyone probably a noobie question (refer to username) but I’m wondering what’s the next worth while mod on a 2005 rsx type s
So far what I have:
Injen SRI
Skunk2 ported RBC style intake manifold
Skunk2 alpha 4-2-1 catless headers
HKS Hi Power catback exhaust
In-ECU K-tuner stage 3 base map
High torque ceramic clutch
10.4 lb chromoly lightweight flywheel
RPF1s (which surprisingly makes a difference in accel/decel)

I know a dyno tune will help out tremendously but I’m trying to figure out what else I can do before I get tuned

any tips are greatly appreciated!!

2006 RSX Type-S
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Honestly, you really should be tuned already with a race header and the intake manifold.
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