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I'm interested in putting my base premium up for sale to upgrade to type S this car has very low km sitting at 120km.Cant get much better than the vehicles history also only one owner before me. I bought the car 9 months ago completely stock not a single thing done to it.the former owner never serviced it anywhere but north Vancouver acura with every oil change done on time alway tan
Was always stored in a garage the underneath of this car looks brand new not a speck of rust on her Iv put a good amount money into it. I know i will not see all back what I have put into it thats a given. I would just like to know thoughts on what I should post it for. Im not seeing alot of 05 to 06s out there right now and the ones I do are pricey with the km I have. I see online 05 06 with over 160km any where from 5000 to 7500 but mine has much more mods then these. Please any info would be greatly appreciated So list of mods that are on the car from first mod to last. I have a few not installed yet also .

18" falken rims brand new tires
Brand new all seasons 225-40-18
AEM v2 duel chamber short ram intake
LED headlights
Front and rear energy suspension motor mount inserts (black)
Tinted windows
Invidia N1 2.5" catback exhaust
Obx race header (rattles a bit in reverse)
Ep3 sir sway bar to fix Rattling ( still rattles a bit off front sway)
Blox adjustable endlinks( again to fix rattling but still rattles)
Front mugen style tower strut bar
Mugen carbon fiber hood (cleat coat is chipping on a small top part)
Aftermarket Front chamber kit
God speed rear control arms (red)
Ebay tie bar (red)
performance max m3 drilled and slotted front rotors and pads
Just install brand new starter $450 just for the starter
Brake line flush
Tranny fluid
I run mobile1 full synthetic performance long lasting stuff and never go more than 8000km without changing
Full antifreeze flush and burped system before winter
Just switch both of sensor Denson
All fluids changed with in the last 8000k only fluids straight from honda has ever been she beside mobile1

I have a PRB intake MANI with thermal gasket for an extra 100 bucks on top of sale was gonna do the a2 cams down the road and prb mani but plans changed

Mods included in sale not installed

Godspeed rear adjustable camber kit (red)
PRB intake mani off a ep3
Thunder bolt High flow cat 2.5
Extra 2 camber bolts ( if you want more camber in the front)

Stock parts included

Air box with filter and everything else
Front Sway bar and end links

This is the color of the car original paint

The car has a matt black wrap on it right now with white wheels


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Check the KBB value. Here in the states, you couldn't get more than $6k, and even that's high. After market parts don't increase the value.

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Realistically, I’d say around $4,500-$5,000.
With this particular chassis approaching 15+ years they seem to decline in value every year along with the “Premium” leather interior. Eventually the price is solely reflected on the value of the motor.

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With the car being as clean as it is, have you considered just swapping to the Type-S motor and trans?

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I'd give you $4000 if I was feeling generous. You'll get a lot of offers above or below that mark. Good luck!

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Thank you guys, thats what the plan was but not having a place to work is the problem.. I wanted to see what I could get out of the a2 cams set up then work my way up. Im really new to all this the whole motor swap thing is new to me. I know I can make it happen just need to space to do so.
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