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what would you need install Kenwood Excelon DNX8120 ?

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I am going to install a Kenwood Excelon DNX8120 in my 2006 type S, What would I need to do it right and what trim piece would I need ?


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call best buy

theyll install it for you
That may be the way to go but I have installed everything on my car and I distrust people in this area.

Its might not be worth the trouble this time though.
Try the Audio and Security section
I installed mine and it was simple. But ive done 20+ installs its kind ofa hobby on the side. If you were closer i would do it for you. But good luck.
I have done 3-4 face installs and complete systems installs before too. I have done many DIYS on CRSX including suspension upgrades to type R conversions and so on.

I am completely shocked that people are so nice on this forum now. When I was on here everyone was a total hater:thumbsdow Thanks for the info
I plan on buying the same unit as well.Anybody try it with the CRSX store facekit
If your keeping the stock Bose amps, speakers & sub, you'll need the Metra wire harness adapter part # 70-1725. Also the cleanest looking dash kit I've seen so far is the one from American International. Check the audio section for the DIY.....this has been covered a million times.
doesnt the crsx store have the needed parts to get this install? i know they have that piece for double din unit and i think some extra wires to hook it up. im not all that in sound system so i dont know much, anyway good luck with the install man
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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