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Wheel repair NYC?

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does anyone know where to get wheels fixed from bent lip on Volks?? anyone??
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they are in PA, you can ship them the wheels and they will repair them and send them back..

^^^ they come to you cant beat that
im just going to bring it to wheels of america..i heard good things bout them ?
I have 2 bent 05-06 rims on the inner lip and need them repaired.. let me know how it goes.
yea im gona drop by there right now
came out perfect. paid 136.xx

balanced and repolished the entire lip and wheel..
nice, do you know if they are open on weekends?
no idea. give them a call and find out... fast turn around rate..i dropped it off around 5pm and it was ready next morning at 10
yea call 1866 rim fix1 they did alot of work for my old car
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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