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which one would you recommend getting ?

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Im been wanting a RsX for a while now, I just cant decide between these choices

2004 Rsx Type- S


2006 Rsx base (manual trans)

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well what are you looking for? if you wanna mod it and have it be quick go with the type S. if your just looking for a nice car and dont care about performance. go with the base. i personally would take the type S and everyone will say the same.
how much are they? mileage?
06 base 28,000 miles

04 type S 45,000 miles

both R around $16,000
get the typeS and do an 05-06 conversion.
price and milage for both?
how much is an 05 - 06 conversion est
how much is an 05 - 06 conversion est
mucho pesos...
type S in the long term it should hold value better than the base...just a thought
the conversion should run around 2-3 grand if you do the black interior as well...
just a guess though....i have an 06, so a conversion wasn't needed for me :thumbsup:
Go with the type-s youl regret it sooner or later if you dont.

Or just look around for a little while theres a buncha 05-06 type-s's that are going for nearly the same price range that your looking at.
go with the type-s
i agree with everyone else
Type S.

both are a bit overpriced tho.
ya just wait..u'll c a 05-06 type-s floating around.
Type S.

both are a bit overpriced tho.

if you look around enough you can come up on a good deal.

I found my 06-S with 28k miles for around 17.5
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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