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Whistle like sound on acceleration.

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I started hearing this sort of whistle sound today on acceleration. I don’t think it’s coming from the belt or i could be wrong. Has anyone experienced this in past? I have also uploaded a video.
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Sounds like it could be either the belt, or a gasket. (throttle body or the intake manifold). Those will make a really loud, high pitch whistle like wind in a storm. i

If your comfortable, take off the belt and spin all your component pulleys (AC, Alternator, etc) with the engine off of course and see if anything is tough to spin or seized up. <- that's how to remove your belt. not a bad idea to pick up a new one anyways
I don't think that pulley would be faulty, there isn't much to break. If your worried, you can use any of the K20 pulleys and they will work. K24 will work as well, but they are larger so you'd need a different belt. Only the dealer will have that part though, you can't get it (that i've seen) at local auto parts store.

Belts are pretty cheap, pick up another one and give it a shot. Does the belt you have, have 1 too many ribs or something possibly?

Good luck!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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