My SIL owned this from new. About 5-6 years ago, my wife took ownership. Now we're selling it. No mods. Runs great. 143,000 on the clock.

I'm including pics of cosmetic stuff to know:
  • Black lining at the bottom of passenger-side window has peeled, showing some silver
  • Steering wheel has peeled/worn a bit.
  • Cargo shelf pins broke off, so it's held w/black gaffer tape. (You can't tell when trunk is closed).
  • Driver's seat bottom is torn.
  • Paint on the front bumper has scuff marks. (FWIW I forget it's there unless I'm standing right next to the hood). I was in the car when this happened - driver in front was parking, and reversed into me pretty quickly.
Non cosmetic stuff:

  • SRS light is on. This means something minor in the airbag system - likely a quick + cheap fix (doesn't affect how the car runs at all).
  • Sometimes the trunk sticks. (Just needs ~30 mins work to pull trim off, and throw out a piece of plastic that's rattling round in there)