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White on white on white, now that's Ross! (56k go buy N/A)

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I know they're not RSX's, but I figure I'd share the pix here. I think this one turned out a lot better than the shoot last night. The RSX couldn't make it because he had to work. Right now it's just white on white, the 3rd white is still being edit since he came late.

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Thanks, PS before anyone gets mad here...the 56k buy N/A is a joke:laughing: :) :rotfl: :stfu:
***********! haha here's your white rsx! lolz nice rides/pics... looking good +rep:thumbsup:
niIIiice :thumbsup: white's just awesome
very nice
can the 335 beat the evo?
LOL are we talking stock for stock here? I came from an Evo myself. I had no interest in buying the 335i until I took it for a spin due to boredom at the Mitsu dealership one day. The Evo will get it from a stop, but the 335i pulls like crazy on the highway. Both cars are really easy to mod for power as well.

Here are the 2nd batch...the Evo with the green wheels is just for fun, getting ready to go tracking at Willow Springs, lol.

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both are really nice!
man those are nice pics both cars look really nice.
damn that evo is sick
sick 335i and evo :thumbsup:
So to recap there are 3 cars total. 2 Evos with the wing removed. So it's not that the Evo went home and changed wardrobe, LOL.

Not pictured is the automatic V6 Mustang asking to race for $100. ROFL.
nice cars
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