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who here can not only flat feet but bend their knees too?

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if you can flat-foot both feet while on your bike, can you also bend your knees slightly or more?

i can't (bend knees).
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because this is club rsx.
well in that case... i can't really bend my knees, but i can wiggle them around.

ah, the fine art of wasting time...
holy fuck this thread is awesome. +1 to post count for me i guess since i have nothing to add to this pointless crsx thread
lol, now lets add a thread titled, "Who's dick reaches the ground with or without bending the knees?"
lol, I can like I said in the other thread.

6'4" on an 07 R6, I swear I could do this on any bike.

Being tall FTW, and loose, hunching over sucks.
i can flat feet but no bend knees lol
i can bend my knees a 6'0 if that matters
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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