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Why you should never bother trying to race a car you'll get raped by

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Ok, so I am at a light and some old ass crappy Altima or something pulls up next to me. Some guy and girl look over, guy smiles...I look away. Light goes green, guy floors it off the light..I'm like ok?? Next light: guy looks over again and he goes at green and I wait a second or so. I'm thinking "hmm what to do?" I'm like "aww hell no bitch" so I go and rape the living shit out of this thing (keep in mind I'm supercharged boosting around 10psi). I slow down to around 60mph and I see in my mirror this guy just flying I put in 3rd and just give full throttle when he gets near me and still rape the crap out of him. My radar goes off (this is a very very very long straight flat road), I slow down from 80ish to 40mph and he keeps going AT LEAST 70mph in a 40mph. Sure enough, headlights go on after he passes, cop turns out infront of me and I'm like aww hell yeah and the cop goes after him. He gets pulled over

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:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :rotfl:
pwnage:):thumbsup: i wish i had a supercharger or turbo:(
that was hilarious, at first i thought it was you being pulled over :spin:
yeah, nissan 6 was trailing behind me in his maxima with some of my buddies
actually i read the title and the first line and was like "you got raped by an old ass crappy altima?"

then i read the rest :)
good kill bro!:beerchug:
check neg rep
Didn't hurt me a bit i'm at 21,000 rep points.

BTW your on a fucking RSX forum

GTFO :finger:
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Another reason why

Honda > Nissan
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Rep locked. Cant return that fucker his -rep :)
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story from the gurulol
what radar you running btw?
ownage lolll...nice one ;)
ahahhahahha +rep

you're only giving her more reason to be an attention whore :shakehead
you're only giving her more reason to be an attention whore :shakehead
well now, everyone on CRSX knows that she is a poop whore.....if she likes it, i'd be scared of her.

but do you want some attention too?
1 - 20 of 65 Posts
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