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wich custom spring rate for Kw v2

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i previously had Kw v2 coilovers and planning returning to them. was thinking on RSD's but the Kw also adjust's rebound.

the thing is that the spring rate's in the Kw's are 5k front and 9k rear. i want to change the spring rate's to another setup since they will just be for track days (for daily driving i use tein springs with bilstein b8). looking at the straight spring list they have, wich of these would u choose for rear (in front i'll put 10k): 15k, 17k or 19k ??? ading to this i currently run stock front sway and rear jdm sway. tyre's for track are yoko slick's in 210/580 r16 or 245/40 at front and 215/45 or 235/40 at rear (i have a 16" and a 17" set and only buy every used slick's or intermediate compound i can get)

Kw's also have caster plate's that have to be ordered seperately and i'll also order this along with the new springs

but now theres another problem. is it bad to run another spring rate without revalve the shocks to match those rates ???? it's cause the rate will be practically the double. i dont have much knowledge in this. in what consist's?
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15-17k is fine for the rear depending on how loose you want the car. Changing the springs rates as much as you are talking about should result in a revalving of the dampers imo. I would call the tech dept of kw and ask what spring rate range their dampers can handle.
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already did. i can put up to 12 at front and 24 at rear at least (thats what our one make race civics have in theyr Kw's)

i already talked with the guys in the shop i bought them and they will send them to Kw to make a regular maintenance and to revalve to the new springs, but it will take about 2 months for them to return

ill go with the 17k springs

have you talked to Robispec?

A friend of mine got his KW's from him for his evo, he talked to robi and told him what he uses the car for (autocross, a few track days, and a DD) Robi re valved them, changed the spring rates for what a good autoX setup should be and set the ride hight. all we had to do what put them on and they were autoX/track ready. When I am ready to mod my s2k and not be in A stock anymore i am going to talk to him, wish i would have got KW's from him when i had my EP... might still have it lol.
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