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Hey so i changed my header the other day on my 06 rsx type s and it gave me the chance to look at my wideband o2 sensor and it is literally pitch black. My air fuel readings are like 14.4-14.7 at idle and don’t go below 14 at wide open throttle. I don’t think it is running lean cause i don’t have any knocks at all besides a little ticking from exhaust leak after o2 sensor. Temp never exceeds 185, usually sits around 179 while cruising. Are these temps normal? Only has 75k miles. Plugs are about 5k miles old NGK. Any help would be appreciated i’m afraid ima blow it up just because the o2 readings are so wack. It use to idle at a perfect 14.74 but not anymore, also while i’m here my 4th gear whines ever so slightly when light acceleration and sometimes i get a little stutter at around 2-3k rpm. Any help extremely appreciated thank you.

2006 Acura Rsx Type S

RDX Injectors 410cc
Aftermarket Fuel Rail (innovative)
Kpro v2 ecu w/ adapter harness
Invidia N1 3” Catback exhaust
Catless Downpipe
PLM Headers
Injen cold air intake
RBC Intake Manifold (uncut)
S90 throttle body and spacer
M factory lsd
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