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Will 04 icebox fit an 05?

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My buddy has an '05 type S, and wants my comptech icebox. Will it fit? I have an 04 type S. I thought I remembered reading about it... a new ss clutch line would be needed. Can someone please let me know?
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ill find out this weekend. buddies gettin an 02/04 icebox for his 06. techinally they look the same, only difference that we can tell is that the 05/06 has a clutchline and vaccuumline replacement piece.
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u need the extra clutch line for an 05-06.. But the box itself is the same throughout the years...
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we fitted the box itself in another dallas 06 type-s. it fits, all we needed was to get another clutchline and the vaccuum line piece
I just put an 02-04 icebox in my 06 yesterday (I'm the guy DauHu is talking about ;) ). I didn't need the vacuum line fitting, I used the one that was already on there. It did need a screw clamp though, and I might change it out some time in the future.

You also need to either make a new hard line or find a place to make you a custom braided line, unless Comptech is open and will sell you one of theirs. I searched a lot of different places, but couldn't find a place that had the right braided line, the closest one was probably 8 inches too short.
ill post up pics of my braided line when i first got my icebox later
How can you get a new hard line? Who makes them?
wow bumping up an almost 4yr old post =D
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