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Have a set of wheels up for the 4G TL owners and figured I'd post here as well.

Located in Overland Park, KS and prefer local pick up but will entertain shipping at your expense. I'm selling my TL and would like to move these as part of the down payment on a new vehicle. Imported by RavSpec. Setup is a month old and has about 1100 miles.

Sold as is. Brand new TPMS and lugnuts included. Asking $3,250

Wheel Specs:

-Gunmetal face / Bronzed Lip / Silver rivets
-19x9 +38 offset - 62mm step lip: A-Disk

Tire Specs:
-Hankook Evo12s
-Warranty on all 4 tires from Discount Tire.

-Setup assembled at discount tire and balanced by KC Trends in Overland Park, KS.

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