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Whats up CRSX, this will be my first official showoff thread to this site! Its been a long time coming, and theres still so much more work planned for my car... Ive waited for awhile now to post up a showoff thread, but I wanted my car to be at least half way decent until I did. I got my 2005 NHBP Type S, back in October of 2011. Drove 4 hours down south and picked her up from a private seller for a great price. Completely stock, 2nd owner, unmodified with the exception of fog lights and an aftermarket stereo unit. From that point on is when all the work started. I've done most everything myself or with the help of my grandpa at our shop. Only things I can think of I didnt have a hand in was the paint work, or window tint. Heres a list of the mods as of today:
New pics: 10/7/12 (Pg.2)
Newest pics up 11/8/12 (pg.3)
NEW PICS 3/2/13 w/model!!!

Injen CAI
Greddy RS catback exhaust

Function&Form Type II's
Mugen strut bar
Spc front camber
Skunk2 rear camber
22mm Progress rear sway
ASR subframe brace
Function&Form LCA's

VIS Mugen front bumper
VIS Mugen sides
VIS Mugen rear with CF
PSJDM civic fog lights custom fitted
Mugen canards
Aspec high spoiler
Carbon fiber minidecklid (AutoSource!)
Rear window visor painted NHBP
Speedstar window visors
5% rear tint / 50% sides
Honda badges all around
Honda centercaps
Rear wiper removal
DIY wrinkle red valve cover
DIY Mugen spark plug cover

ITR airbag
Red LED's
Red Recaro door inserts
DC5 red floor mats
CF Mugen shift knob
Twist black/red stitch shift boot
DIY red stitched wheel

How she first looked when I took her home:

Then got some goodies in the mail:

Installing Injen CAI:

Replacing the tail light gaskets:

Mugen parts getting primer:

Then paint:

ITR airbag install:

Fitting the Civic fog lights on the Mugen bumper:

DIY valve and spark plug cover:

More goodies from my wife:

Picked up these F&F Type II's a few weekends back in Palm Springs:

From this:

To holy shit too low! :eek:

Then finally went on a little photo shoot with my buddy and his TSX. Tein Flex suspension, TL rims, Injen CAI, and Weapons R 4-2-1 header.
We hit I think 4 different spots, and all the photos were taken with a Cannon Rebel Ti-3 I believe. So check out the finished product so far!


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I still have another 200 pics to go through so more will be on the way once they make their way through editing!

A few new ones, more on the way!

A few shots from my GF's iPhone:
CF wrapped canards installed

Newest: Regular cheap Sony digital camera:

My little man/ co pilot!

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Clean cars and shots. What's next on the list to do?

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Clean cars and shots. What's next on the list to do?
Oh man where to start...
New wheels (preferably some VSXX) ,Recaro or Mugen seats, LCA's, Header, KPro, K Tuned billet shifter, CF Mugen hood ,Fuel rail,
Clean up the engine bay, Slotted and drilled rotors, Brembo brake conversion, Cusco B pillar side bars, Mugen mid bar, DC5R side markers, Recaro door inserts... To name a few :D

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i like the civic fogs in the mugen bumper.. just not a fan of the mugen bumper lol
Thanks! Its a love/hate relationship with the bumper though, sometimes I really like it, other times I think about going back. We'll see down road :dontknow:

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damn! that car looks good! but that black rsx needs to get out the picture. making my car look bad. haha! pictures came out decent. ill see you tomorrow with my pictures. ill ask sam if he got my programs yet and ill start editing too.
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