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wrapping my wrapping

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So ive been wanting to wrap my RSX for a while now, (midnight purple if anyone cares) but i honestly am way too afraid to just straight up drop $600+ on wrap, so i just wanted to get peoples opinions on buying the wrap little by little and wrapping it as time goes on, i dont really care what people think itll look like while the process is going on since ill have to drive it in between wrapping sessions, just wanna know what you guys think.
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nah i’m not trynna go pro i just wanna wrap my own car and that’s it i don’t mean asking a pro to do it little a time i meant do it myself a little at a time
Just buy a bit of wrap and mess around with it, then. I'm not sure what you're looking for here in terms of advice? If you truly (as stated) don't care about it looking goofy, then I don't know what's stopping you.
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I think he wants to know what we think about his idea of wrapping small sections at a time until it’s done instead of doing it all at once? Idk, this is kind of confusing. Maybe he’s asking us to validate his idea?
Yeah, that's what I was wondering. Kinda seems like he's looking for validation for the wrapping it little by little idea, but then he said he doesn't care what people think of it, so...I dunno?

OP, can you clarify what you're asking here?
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