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I need a 02-04 type r front lip any color. Or point me to the right ad on eBay because I've gotten two lips with the worst fitment ever any help is appreciated

Also want a ARC induction box I can trade my aem v2 plus cash of course

2 takata short harnesses I can trade my long harnesses for them

Mugen wing it can be authentic or replica as long as fitment is good

Nardi classic suede wheel I can trade my nrg suede plus cash of course

Mugen mid bar

Cusco b pillar bars

05-06 type r taillights (I doubt anyone has these but let me know anyway I have a clean set of regular 05-06 tails that I can trade plus cash for)

Wedsport TC105n preferably 17x8.5 all around but I will take x9 also since 8.5 is a lot rarer

Let me know if u have anything listed above that u are willing to sell. I have cash for everything above just list your price and we can work out a meeting time.
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