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First off, a little Italian on a Japanese import = Sexy. Been Running with them for nearly 7 years with no problems...until now. (Bought the car in November of 2001. Had the MOMO Quasar II rims installed with 225/40/18 Yokohama Paradas at the d(st)ealership. Needless to say the rim is rare to find, due to MOMO discontinuing it approximately 5 years ago. Damn it...

Second... Problem is I was going at about 60 mph on the way to work, the person in front nearly flips their brand new Honda Accord by swerving at the last second to avoid a river rock (Approximately 5 inches high by 10 inches long) that was just sitting in the lane. I gracefully attempt to miss it, but fail miserably by 1 inch too short... The rim is pretty badly cracked/buckled on the lip with a 3 inch long gash (about 1 inch inward) near the outer lip of the rim...and you could see right through the 3" crack. Unsure if its able to be saved.

I am hoping someone here or a friend of theirs is trying to sell 1 or more (backups would be nice) MOMO QUASAR II rim(s). Please let me state here I am UNINTERESTED IN SWITCHING RIMS. Please DO NOT contact me in regards to ANY OTHER BRAND OF RIM OR SIZE.


**Exclusive** 18" MOMO QUASAR II Rim (I use 225/40/18 profile tires)
-The number on the inside of the rim is as follows: " PCD114.3 ET45 TBX L323 "
MUST BE ALLOY Finish. I DO NOT WANT CHROME. (Comes from MOMO in either silver alloy or chrome)

Hopefully someone out there has a connection to get this specific type of rim. I will accept either brand new or used, granted it is not damaged badly)

Shoot me an email if you have this type of rim or know someone who does at: [email protected]

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