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WTB: Base intake stock or aftermarket carb legal!!!!

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Hey guys looking for a base stock elbow for the intake or after market for cheap! I have my registration/smog due on the 8th so trying to get one asap! thanks

located in san diego so trying to find somewhere not too far of a drive ! lmk!!!

text me

619 709 7893
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Ive got a Injen SRI...My For Sale Thread
It's for a Type S.
haha thats whats up. and I got a hook up. It was 27 new. lol
$27 New!!! Dang, I am jealous. I got one to modify a few months back and paid more then that. :( Glad you got what you needed, CA SMOG does suck, and these checkpoints have me worried :eek:
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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