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WTB: Base intake stock or aftermarket carb legal!!!!

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Hey guys looking for a base stock elbow for the intake or after market for cheap! I have my registration/smog due on the 8th so trying to get one asap! thanks

located in san diego so trying to find somewhere not too far of a drive ! lmk!!!

text me

619 709 7893
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haha im looking for a stock intake or a carb sticker myself! got my smog/registration coming up this month also. gl bro!
haha ended up buying a new one from honda. Oh well. lol gl with you too bro! f u cali smog tests! ha
how much did that run you? i was able to pick up a stock intake from a local! yea man, F smog in ca lol
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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