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2005 Acura RSX Type-S
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Greetings all,

I recently purchased a mint/unmodified 2005 Vivid Blue Pearl Type-S with just a shade over 91,xxx miles. I searched for over 3 months to specifically find this spec in this condition. There have only been two owners: the original owner in Texas which is where it resided until 2016 and accrued 88k miles, and the second owner who garaged it in Minneapolis where I drove over 14 hours round trip to purchase it early last month (before the chaos). The second owner drove it from Texas to Minneapolis which ended up being a large chunk of the miles that he ever put on it. Now that I finally have it, it's most likely staying with me forever. The CARFAX is clean as well - no accidents or damages ever reported. The OEM leather seats wore out over time as they tend to in these cars, so the previous owner swapped out all the seats (including the rears) for the base cloth seats which I'm told are somewhat preferred. The rear wiper was also removed with a Password JDM delete plug. Other than that, no other modifications are present on my example. Safe to say, this car is somewhat of a gem, and I plan to keep it that way.

There were only three issues with it when I purchased it:
1) The window tint was long overdue for removal. No telling how long it had been on the car, but from the looks of it, probably since the first owner had it at least.
2) The wheels were in ROUGH shape. All four wheels had been curb rashed to hell, and some of the clearcoat was peeling on one of them.That same wheel that had the peeling clearcoat also had a different center cap. It was almost undetectable, but it was a plain flat-faced silver cap with a black "A" on it whereas the rest of them had the "A" recessed into the cap.
3) There was a small door ding on the drivers rear quarter panel.

A couple weeks ago I finally corrected all these issues. I had the tint professionally removed which took up an entire day. I had all four wheels completely repaired and refinished in a slightly brighter metallic flake silver. And, I got the dent pulled out professionally by a family friend. The RSX currently sits beside my new Lotus in essentially showroom condition.

Now that it's finally perfect I want to complete it by getting the complete factory A-Spec kit professionally installed. I don't plan to do any more modifications or upgrades to my Type-S and wish to preserve its OEM-ness as much as possible. That's why I would like to source a genuine A-Spec kit for my car if possible.
After doing what I feel is a good amount of research and reaching out to some supposed "sellers", I'm feeling like I may be out of luck. Everything I'm wanting is discontinued. If anyone knows of any way to get these parts or has any they are selling please respond to my post.


I bought an 05' Type-S. I brought it back to showroom condition. I want a full genuine OEM A-Spec kit (f/r lips, sides, wing, little lip spoiler that fits under the wing). Let me know if you're selling, know anyone selling, or any other options that you think might be applicable to my situation.

Some pics of it the day after I brought it home:








Repair in process:

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