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WTB: OEM or aftermaket cd player!!

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just like the title says!! looking to but a OEM or aftermarket player!! nothing fancy must come with harness and code if its OEM!! let me know what u guys have!! im not really looking to spend alot so yeah give me a priced shipped to MO 63301 thanks!
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i have an oem 6 disc'r lmk $65 shipped
oem bose 6 disk 5o shipped as we talked about
i need it to be just the square 1's for my integra.. so whoever has the cheapest i will but for sure 2morow! thanks!

anybody else has any offers??
$49.99 shipped
bump!! all pm's replied!! still lookin 4 a player!!!
please close thread!!! bought a player from here already! thanks!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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