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WTB: OEM Passenger Side Axle, 03 Base Auto

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Hey looking to buy a used but in good condition OEM Passenger Side Axle. 02-04 should fit with the automatic. Was looking on eBay but thought I'd check here too. Let me know if you have one and how much you'd ask.
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I have a few rsx that I’m parting out , if you’re in SoCal come take it off for $50 . If it’s not a bitch of a job I can take it off and ship it for you for 50+ shipping . Anything else you need lmk all for cheap.
Check with [email protected] He specializes in Acura parts. Got a correct OEM Passenger Side Axle 02-04 . You won't find anyone more honest!
^^ I would not reply to 3rd party emails or anyone registering with one post trying to sell parts. this is a popular way scammers are bypassing the forum registering to advertise in many times are questionable honest sellers. on we do not allow 3rd party emails, 3rd party personal information, to be posted relating to classified topic including FS, WTB, or threadjacking on the forums to solicit.

everyone who sells on a site should at least register and follow the rules each site has displayed. i am not sure if participates in the "3rd party emails or 3rd party personal information" over the forum live being removed and suggesting PM methods for sensitive contact details.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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