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WTB: RSX Under 15k

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Hey i just wrecked my car, i hydroplanned but insurance is covering it and giving me money for it. So in that case i am wanting to buy a newer civic, possibly a 99-00 si or a new si..i am looking for something under 15,000 so just post pics and prices. We can work something out from there! Thanks
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I have this thing, really great car at a great price, sounds like a combinaiton of everything you want, and it has all of the best mods. You would even have a good amount of $ left over.
peep this.... its an rsx under 15k...
great car..... i'll work w/ you on it.
sjzafrani (at)
Bgoetz--car looks good not intersted in a swapped motor car..sorry but good luck with sale!

RWD17--to many miles for me looking for something under 60k but car looks very nice!!

Sushi137--Car has been wrecked? Does it have a salvaged title then? also is it an automatic casue i dont do the whole auto thing, hope its not, i am interested just let me know
you saw mine let me know the 02typeS 69K mugen kit I pmed you back any others info..shoot me a offer need money for school
Interested in most year rsx's some1 send me some pictures or links! I will be ready to buy in a week so i am looking around but will be buying in a week!
clear title, only hood and front bumper was damaged...
its auto :(
good base for a swap :D :(
99MustangGT check yo pms
btw where you located?
located in o'fallon mo. but willing to drive a little to find to get a good deal
Any other cars out there under 15k for sale with good mileage?
Cash in hand, anybody want to sell car...let me know! I am wanting to buy probaly by this weekend!
I'll get you pics, 03 SSM RSX-S with just under 60k miles. In NJ. Willing to go that far to buy?
2006 type s BOM 43,000 miles, still has factory warranty, custom black suede headliner, tints all the way around, and 17" TSW rims. $16000 Bought another car need gone asap!
Pm me for pics for some reason the website has not let me upload any pics
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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