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WTB... Wrecked Blue RSX Type S 02-04

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I am looking for a new project I want to buy a wrecked 02-04 Blue Rsx Type S.

post up pics so i can see the clear damage and what you are looking to get out of it.

Salvage title don't bother my just as long as its not a Junk title so i can get it legal in the future.

I know I am being picky but thats what i want so really not interested in any other color than blue. color change it out.

Thanks Trey

Located, Huntington WV 25704
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bump Any one?
really damage is the key to this buy if i need air bags doors front sturcture i can't really tell you want i am looking to spend just what ever the car looks like and i will give you my price according to.
i'm also interested in looking into cars that have been wrecked so PM me plz. ty
see my SIG>.... RHD DC5!!!!
I saw and I was very interested in the build but i needed help trying to find a shipper local and how to set it up and you never answered my post.
nice project car here - just needs engine work, otherwise super clean
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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