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UPDATE: I decided to do a bulk buy, gun and ammo for $800.

NOTICE:You will be required to let me know what certified dealer to send the rifle to if its out of my state (Oregon) if its a local pick up I will request to see your license if I ask to make sure I am NOT selling it to a minor.

Up for sale is 1,200 rounds of PMC .223 military sealed( red ring around primer), and my Savage .223 bolt action rifle. 5 round integrated clip The rifle was only fired 9 times with the PMC rounds. Its been sitting here not being used so I want to sell it. No scope was put on it so its in MINT condition. I also have 50 rounds of tracer .223 that I'm willing to sell $50 for the 50. Need to sell this stuff so I can buy a type S:bow:


Rifle:$550 OBO ( you pay dealer charges to pick it up)
Ammo: ask how much you want and I'll give you a price, the more you want I will give a little more of a discount.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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