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well im at a stage in my life where i shouldnt be attached to much, and im totally attached to my protege.. id like to keep it, but i need something where i wont be buying mods with money i dont have - and if i get an ATX, im hoping i can avoid the bug. plus id really like to avoid the "its me or the car" nonsense from the girlfriend...

anyways if you haven't driven one, the MSP is awesome. it pulls hard but its a handling GEM. its the fastest FWD car ever produced in the slalom (72mph) and puts down about .9g in the skidpad. i havent taken the car to the dyno or the strip, but based on other cars with dynos and similar mods, i would guess that its putting down about 180whp at 6 psi... get a piggyback, up the boost to 9psi and youll be in the 210whp area.
81k miles on the odometer, and the turbo has about 3k on it. the condition is pretty good for a 7 year old car... the interior is almost perfect, theres one rock chip on the hood, and a couple spots of touch up paint on the body.

in trade, im looking for your RSX. mileage doesnt matter a whole lot, and the car doesnt have to be absolutely pristine... i realize the older ones are getting up there in years... im just looking for something in similar condition. but this is the kicker:
another manual will probably result in me being attached again, and having to listen to my GF express her unhappiness with her own inability to drive stick.
low, or no mods is preferred. ill entertain other vehicular trades, but the RSX is one of the ones im most interested in... let me know if you want a full list of cars i want - and id also consider selling the protege outright.
forgot to mention: i'm located in central connecticut
feel free to PM me any questions you have

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Turbo System:
Turbonetics T3/T04e 50 trim turbo
Spool exhaust manifold
Turbonetics Evolution wastegate @7psi
Spearco Intercooler (~27x10)
Custom Solid Stainless Steel FMIC pipe kit
HKS SSQV v.1 blowoff valve
High quality Silicone Vacuum Lines

HKS Type-1 Turbo Timer
AEM UEGO Wideband gauge
Autometer Autolite Boost Gauge
Viper 680XV car alarm with remote start

Custom Short Ram Air Intake
K&N Cone Filter
NGK Platinum plugs
Mazdaspeed Japan low-temp thermostat
"Flipped" Thermostat housing w/ flex hose
Millenia S PCV
AWR Solid Front Motor Mount
AWR Transmission Mount Inserts
SLS Solid Passenger Side Motor Mount

Mazdaspeed Front Lip
Mazdaspeed 03.5 Rear Lip
Mazdaspeed Side Skirts
Mazdaspeed 03.5 Rear spoiler
15% Tints all around
5 Point Split-spoke gunmetal wheels with Pirelli P-Zero Nero Tires
Alpine CDA-9851 Head Unit
Kenwood Amp + 8" Sub + Rack (OEM)
Stereo Aux-In jack

Custom Work:
Bixenon HID Projector Retrofit
Carbon Fiber Dual Gauge Holder
Full Custom Exhaust:
--2.5" downpipe/midpipe
--2.5" QTP electric cutout
--High-Flow Cat
--Greddy SP2 Cat-Back
--Wastegate Open Dump Tube

forgot to mention: i'm very involved in the protege community, i have about 3200 posts, and was an authorized merchant for CF parts i was making... i would have no problem getting people to vouch for my character and for the car. all work was performed with a factory service manual and all the routine maintenance is up to date.

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yeah i was trying to find them... i thought i took a bunch of them about a week ago but i cant seem to find them.

this one is still current - the only thing is the eyelids arent mine... they were made for a customer and arent included with the car. ill try to get more up of the engine bay and stuff soon.


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