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Sure - just not the inside! :D

No, seriously - Z12 is not to be used on tinted surfaces. It contains micro abrasives that are designed to remove hazing - mils scratches and such. It isnt even a daily use window cleaner. It is actually more of a polish - like using super fine steel wool to remove acid rain spotting, and the kind of abuse a window will take from road crap that causes them to get hazy.

I have never used it on my interior windows - and would likely never. It is different from other Zaino products in that it leaves a white waxy type residue that needs to be wiped off. (just like car waxes)

It does a great job at "restoring and maintaining" windshields etc - I hadnt done mine in 2 years - poured some on the windshield and took the terry pad and my orbitla polisher to it - made a real difference - and now I use it every few months . .to maintain it.

Tinted windows should not have alcohol based window cleaners on them.
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