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I havent seen much posting about the exact way Zaino Z12 should be used, so I was wondering what the correct way is. I have a hairline scratch on my back window that you can barely feel when running your fingers over it, so it doesnt seem deep at all. Yet, I cannot get it out. I've tried applying Z12 directly to the area, and it really didnt make a difference. I also tried soft scrub.

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its all a matter of depth - and pressure multiplied by number of times you do it

i use z12 with a random orbit - cant imagine doing it by hand . . remember, this product is a mild abrasive, so you dont cause more swirls in the glass than what you started with . .

it could take time, and it may not be able to remove all of it . .. its only abrading more glass, thats a tough job . . .
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