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Hello I was just wondering if someone could help me see which control arms belong to what year and base model or type S trim.
So I changed out my control arms recently with the thicker sided (see circled side on image) control arm. I currently have a 2006 Acura RSX Type S. I went looking for the control arm for the 06 rsx type s and was looking through many people's part outs. There were people who had the same exact rsx who had the thinner sided control arms on their rsx. However mine came with the thicker sided ones. I disregarded it, and purchased the one side I needed (thinner sided) off of a part out however the ball joints I had did not fit inside the hole since the hole was too small. A friend of mine who also has an 06 type s
also has thicker sided control arms. I'm trying to see why that is and for what rsx year, base or type s. each goes with, respectively.


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