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All redone stock 99,900 original miles!
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Well now that they are improved a little can you tell if they are yellowing from the outside or is the inside headlight needing refurbishing? If it's just the outside you may need to sand them and re-polish. There are headlight restore kits that come with everything you need. It's a PIA and a little time consuming but results can be quite good.

Alternatively, you can buy aftermarket headlights and swap the new lens on to your headlights. You now have a second set of headlights. In your spare time you can clean up the oem lens, then retrofit projectors into the aftermarket headlight and combine the two (this is my setup now).

No matter what route you take, take proper steps to protect the headlight lens from UV exposure whether it be a ceramic coating or a protective film like Lamin-X.
Walmart will sand and clean lens for $26.00/ I always use them. Also my RSX Base got lights on Amazon for $110.00 Great for 2 years now. Had to buy new bulbs!
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