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Just picked up a 2005 RSX with P1078 and P1077 codes. I purchased a new part 17120-PPA-A01, when I tried to insert the new valve assembly it would almost go all the way in, it was shy just about 1/4". When I compared the new an old parts I noticed that the new part has a plastic spacer and an o-ring at the end of the shaft that gets inserted first into the intake manifold. The original part I removed does not. When I look into the intake manifold I can't tell if the white disc I am looking at is the plastic spacer of the original IMRC valve that somehow became disconnected from the shaft and is stuck in place, or if there isn't supposed to be this plastic piece and o-ring at the end and the new part I have is slightly different than what I received.

Here is a link to the part (bought it elsewhere but its item 14). Items 12 (Bearing B, Friction part 17108-PNC-J01) and Item 13 (o-ring part 17109-PPA-A01) seem to be different parts in the diagram, but in the new part I received they are fastened to the shaft of the IMRC (item 14).

Has anyone that replaced their IMRC had a similar problem? I can't see how items 12 and 13 have separated from the shaft on 14, unless the original version of this part didn't have them stuck together (which wouldn't make sense because I cant understand how they would be installed.


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